Happy New year 2016 Greetings and messages

Stock up your phones with the messages and greetings for 2016 smartians.

As we all are about to enter the war zone, where you will find plenty of whatsapp messages being exchanged between your uncles,aunties,siblings, friends, colleagues etc.

We are sure that you don’t just want to copy and paste those messages or end up forwarding the same text that you got from your brother back to him

So we come with all these interesting greetings and messages that will help you wish your loved ones in your own way.

This time just don’t forward those repeated messages and add all these in to your phones to wish in a unique way.

We come up with different greetings for everyone, check these out :

Happy New year 2016 Greetings and messages

1 Greetings for your better half  

Just embrace him/ her with all your love this new year and wish  them in a special way .

we may not be perfect for each other

But we are imperfect ones to make our life perfect

And say sorry to give ups

I love and prosperity very happy new year

With my love and prosperity

Happy new year

on this event I just want to say

Have a nice year ahead with full of beloved people

And colors of life

I didn’t do love before

Don’t drink it with anyone’s eyes

It happens suddenly

count your life by happiness not by years

Because have pass and come

Which open up a new history

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New year 2016 Greetings and messages

2. For BF/GF

While we have something for the spouses we surely havent forgotten the love birds. So here we come up with this greeting, that will make you bf./gf feel a lot more special.

I have free mind and thought to think of anything

Off anywhere

But I always got surprised

That it directed towards you when ever i start thinking

Happy New Year 2016

Saw a falling star but could not make any wish on time

Because its new year ahead

To make dreams true

its last day of the

Tomorrow new year will be here and open its eyes

New flowers were bloomed

Life will be more reasonable

wishing you a very happy new year

I wish to pray

That we bond with each other till end of times

may our relationship always be blessed with

Joy and bliss

I m so glad to have a past year with you

Want to be next one also

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New year 2016 Greetings and messages

3. For your bff

Yes indeed the endless chatting and gossiping sessions that you have had. Time to tell him/ her that you will be friends forever

Sometimes on the way to your DREAM

you get LOST and find a better one

don’t leave me please

happy new year 2016

I didn’t hide anything from you

You failed to see in my self

life only come once

It’s a lie

Life always came to meet us

Only death came to us once

you are the one

Which you are in yourself

When no one can see you

I respectably give you regard

You revenge answers me

Don’t angry with me

On this eve my special one

Happy New Year 2016

4. A special message  

This one we leave for you to decide. Send this special text to someone who has a special place in your heart.

Every one has his own Destiny on his hand

In which every things written

I pray on new year for you

May you have best messiness you hand

Which brings all happiness to you

Happy New Year 2016

Respect and patience are two most beautiful gifts

So don’t except it from everyone


Only few peoples are rich by them

Happy new year

To bring people closer talk sweetly

Because human understand by his saying

And deeds

Happy new year

The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty,




love and loyalty.