How to avoid weight gain during Christmas, New year celebrations

That time of the year when you have got a lot of party invites and you want to be a part of each one of them but scared to death because you are worried about all the calories that you will be ending up consuming in the name of celebrations.

Christmas and new year time is that phrase when there is a lot of booze in the parties and hell yes the winters chill help you gorge on the food as most of the times you feel hungry.

These parties are stocked up with all kinds of food which is rich in calories. Christmas time red velvet cakes, muffins, wines, snacks etc aren’t mouth-watering?

How to avoid weight gain during Christmas and New year celebrations

But what about all that strict diet regime that you are struggling to follow since last few months. one night and you just don’t want it all to go for a toss and also you don’t want to be a spoil sport as you want to enjoy the party to the max.

So here we come to your rescue and presents you some tips with the help of which you definitely can enjoy that foody party and at the same time don’t owe any guilt eating.

  1. Eat prior to party

Whenever you have to go partying, make sure that you eat something that keeps you content before you leave for the party.

This will help you keep fuller at the party and you may easily escape those oily snacks and some more calories.

2. Look on the portion sizes

No diet plan says to stop eating somethings. You just need to keep a watch on the portion sizes that you eat.

No one is refraining you from enjoying that spicy honey chilli potato or that tempting paneer tikka. Just that till the time you know how much amount of those should be on your plate and you don’t end up having loads of it.

How to avoid weight gain during Christmas and New year celebrations

3. Rely on Fresh juices

Instead of gulping loads of booze in that party try having your bets on fresh juice. This will not only help you have a fresh taste but also load you with all that nutritional value.

4. Follow BGS Rule

Eat your heart out and let your taste buds have an enthralling experience by following this simple BGS rule.

Focus eating on Baked, grilled and steamed snacks. You can have these as many as you want and trust me you wont have any guilt eating the next morning.

5. Illusional drinking

This one is for all those who don’t want to consume much alcohol but their friends urge them to company them in the bar area. Fool your friends by drinking along with them in the same glass for long. Tip : Just take few sips in longer intervals and you can save yourself from all the consumption of unwanted liquor

How to avoid weight gain during Christmas and New year celebrations

We hope  all these tricks will help you enjoy the most of the party and yet not letting you go lighter on the diet plans. Still just have lemon water the next morning to detoxify your body.