Merry Christmas 2015 wallpapers

The joyous Christmas season is just around the corner and it’s time for all of us to decorate our homes and everything around us. The snow is also coming soon in many parts of the world and Christmas is something that everyone is looking forward to. After all of the negativity and terror in the different parts of the world, this festival is one of the reasons to look forward to some happiness in the coming future.

Christmas decoration as seen in many houses around the world. Candles, Christmas trees and lights are usually a major part of Christmas day decorations.

The legends behind Christmas Day celebrations like the Birth of Jesus Christ and the coming of Santa Claus to give presents to small children is something that almost every child knows irrespective of which part of the planet they are on.

Here we have include few Merry Christmas Day wishes wallpapers for you to set as yours or send to your family and friends on this festival.

A beautifully decorated Christmas tree at night.

A rotating Christmas tree, photo captured using 30 seconds long exposure shot.

Santa and his Reindeer on Christmas day – Model.

Christmas day gifts along with decorations.

Birth of Chirst showed through figures.

Merry Christmas decorations.

A candle lighting as a part of Christmas night decoration.

Merry Christmas banner being shown somewhere in Australia in this beautiful picture.

A person dressed as Santa Claus winking.